In the intense artificial light of cityscapes, light and darkness are often reduced into a pair of contrasts, although they could also constitute a smooth continuum with innumerable shades and degrees of light along the way. Excessive artificial lighting is harmful to humans and nature. Therefore, we should rediscover the scale of darkness and twilight.

Hyssy is an entity of lighting experiments, studying the experience of pleasant and safe twilight in an urban environment.

The parks are full of life during the bright summer months, but what happens in the parks when the autumn twilight descends? – And what could happen in them? A light artistic intervention will be implemented in the parkour area of Hollihaka park in cooperation with the users of the area. The experimental light work will be lit on 17.11. and will stay lit until 17.12. During the Lumo festival, the Lasten leikki hämärässä (“Play in the Dark”) workshops for children introduce light, shadow, twilight and darkness. Safe and sustainable dark is an ERDF project, which is financed by the Council of Oulu Region, the University of Oulu and the City of Oulu. In connection with the project, a map survey is also underway, in which Oulu residents can share their experiences of Oulu’s urban darkness.

Lasten Leikki hämärässä -workshops: Saturday 18.11. klo 16:30–17.15 ja Sunday 19.11. klo 16.30–17.15, Hollihaka park

Artists: Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Riikka Vuorenmaa, and Outi Parhankangas, ‘Turvallinen ja kestävä pimeä’ project, School of Architecture at University of Oulu

In partnership with City of Oulu, Council of Oulu Region

Programme info

17-19 Nov from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Hollihaka park: Parkour-area (light art) and playground (workshops)
Free admission