Lumo drew people moving in the pleasant winter weather

Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2023, The View, Janne Ahola, Sun effects Oy, picture: Oulu Photographic Association


Lumo Light Festival Oulu, held over the weekend, once again attracted a large number of visitors to the center of Oulu. The total number of visitors exceeded 100,000. Especially Saturday evening gathered a record-breaking number of people around the light installations.

This year, the festival program featured various artworks combining performing arts and light. Among individual artworks, the video mapping piece The View created a continuous buzz in front of Oulu Cathedral. Additionally, festival side events took place all over Oulu, from Lintulampi to Halosenniemi.

The festival brought a significant number of customers to the city’s restaurants and cafes.

Of the festival artworks, Chiaroscuro at Rotuaari Square will remain on display until November 27th, and the communal artwork Water, My Belowed at Culture Centre Valve until Epiphany. The experimental light work Hyssy showcases the possibilities of different shades of light in Hollihaka Park until December 17th.

The next Lumo Light Festival Oulu will take place on November 22-24, 2024.