Lumo Light Festival visitors crowd Oulu city centre on the weekend

Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2022, crowd, picture: Sanna Krook


Lumo Light Festival Oulu is arranged on the upcoming weekend, 17–19 November 2023. The event is open from Friday till Sunday between 4–10 p.m. The event is organised by the City of Oulu with its partners. The installations and the route through them can be found at the Programme webpage.

Traditionally, the festival has gathered tens of thousands of people into the city centre each night, and therefore the organisers wish that visitors be patient and proactive. Visitors are encouraged to pay attention to others, no matter if they are travelling on foot, by public transport, or by their own car.

“We recommend that people arrive on foot or by bike, if possible. It is advisable to consider that the routes in and around the city centre will be crowded and there may be delays in public transport timetables,” the organisers point out.

There are several stands along the Lumo route kept by different communities, serving warm drinks. Also many restaurants participate in the annually changing Lumo Menu, serving beverages and dishes with extended opening hours.