• In Lumo Light Festival Oulu’s program in 2023, there were several artworks that combined performing arts and light. In the Art Centre Culture Bank, located in the former premises of the Bank of Finland, an immersive artwork, Nighttown was presented, consisting of dance, circus, music, bent light, and other visual arts. Oulu University of Applied Sciences also contributed with the artwork KEKO, providing music and dance content, allowing each viewer to leave their mark on the form of the piece. In Ainola Park, there was also fire art in the Taikasaari Lounge every festival day.

    The festival theme, “mental well-being,” was evident in several artworks. The community art piece Softness Lounge invited visitors to pause and discuss mental well-being and the future. On the wall of Oulu Cathedral, a video mapping artwork, The View created a continuous buzz in front of the church. The festival attracted a significant number of visitors to the city centre, with the total number of visitors over the weekend reaching even over 100,000.

  • A blue light work with people walking in front of it

    The festival attracted approximately 100,000 visitors despite the cold winter weather. Over 20 light art installations were displayed along the festival route, which included Oulu city center, Hupisaari Park, Linnansaari, and the main library area. The festival also encouraged the participation of local restaurants and cafes, boosting the city’s hospitality industry.

  • A large globe-like light work in the Shopping Center Valkea

    The program offered 17 light art installations, with five of them being displayed for an extended period. The festival expanded to different parts of Oulu, including the city center and Hupisaari Park. Safety measures were implemented to ensure the well-being of attendees.

  • Oulu town hall, with a light art work on its facade

    The festival took place in Oulu city center and Hupisaari Park. It featured a diverse lineup of installations created by local, Finnish, and European artists, companies, and organizations. The theme “our nature” highlighted the beauty and interconnectedness of nature and humanity through over 20 program contents.

  • A colorful light work surrounded by people

    Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2018 focused on Oulu city center and lasted for one weekend. It showcased international premieres of light art installations, alongside works by local Oulu artists and organizations. The theme revolved around emotions, evoking a wide range of feelings and experiences through the exhibited artworks.

  • Colorful light work on the facade of the building

    The festival embraced the theme of “encounters” and presented surprising encounters in familiar environments, virtual worlds, and with illuminated figures from the past. Lumo brought light to the darkest time of the year, offering captivating views and thought-provoking installations in Oulu city center.

  • A bluish and purple-toned light installation in Oulu's market square, people standing near the installation, Oulu Theater in the background

    The festival featured numerous international and local light art installations. Notable works included Les Luminéoles, an enchanting display over Oulu Market Square, and They Were Here by Alexander Reichstein, which incorporated three-dimensional UV-painted figures. The festival also included community-based projects like “Mun roskat ja sun roskat,” where Oulu schoolchildren gave new life to plastic waste through an illuminated artwork.

  • A lighted house with people standing in front of it

    The festival aimed to brighten up the dark November days in Oulu. It took place around Oulu Market Square, Oulu City Library, and the vicinity of Oulu City Theatre. Valoa Oulu! -light festival 2015 was a family-friendly event and the third edition of the festival.

  • Illuminated figure on the river bank, illuminated trees in the background

    The second edition of the Valoa Oulu! festival took place in the Myllytulli neighborhood and Hupisaari Park. It was a collaborative effort between the City of Oulu and various partners. The festival showcased a range of light art installations and featured a video compilation capturing the highlights.

  • Illuminated trees in Oulu's Franzen Park, with the illuminated Oulu Cathedral in the background

    Valoa Oulu! festival’s inaugural edition coincided with the celebration of the new city of Oulu, formed by merging several municipalities. The festival served as a platform for light-themed events during the city’s festive year. Temporary light art installations were displayed in Franzen Park, on the facade of the Oulu Cathedral, and at Tähtitornin kahvila (Observatory Café).